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For Additional Information Please Call:

Durrell Cullens 317-514-0000
Chris Smith 317-213-9576

Welcome To First Call Lawn and Haul

Hello and welcome to First Call Lawn and Haul where we work for you! If your lawn needs professional assistance you have come to the right spot. Founded in 2013 our staff has over 15 years of dedicated experience in the field. We are competent and take every precaution to pay attention to detail.

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana and surrounding areas we offer a multitude of services to help your lawn look its best during the peak months as well throughout the year. We offer residential and commercial services to our clients and our responsibility is to satisfy each client we serve. To pinpoint a certain problem you may be having with your lawn please visit the FAQ section to potentially find a solution.

The First Call Way

As your lawn care service provider in Indianapolis, IN you can rest assured we will cater to your specific needs. We share a commitment to provide services with integrity, superior customer service, and quality. Here at FCLH we have the flexibility and the drive to go beyond your expectations as professionals. If there are any issues or suggestions pertaining to your lawn we will share the information with you.

What Do We Do?

That's a great question. Our lawn care program includes many services to enhance the appearance of your lawn. We offer fertilization, seeding, weed and crabgrass control, aeration, landscaping, hedge trimming, leaf removal, and a host of other services. We specialize in lawn care, hauling, and freight delivery; hence the name and the truck in the logo. We should be the first you call for any of those reasons because of our competitive prices, reliability, expertise and friendliness.

The Reason We Do this

We got in this business to help people and provide ourselves a better well-being of life. There aren't too many better feelings than seeing a before and after photo of a successfully completed project and realizing that you had a role in making that happen. It also feels good of course when the customer is just as satisfied as you are. Of course money is a great incentive but only when the customer is just as gratified as we are over the finished product do we feel our mission is accomplished. We would hate to leave a bad experience as someone's lasting impression of our business. Furthermore we got in business because of the challenge and the ability to positively affect people's lives. It isn't easy operating a business but we work extremely hard every day so that we can maintain and expand our business. Lastly FCLH loves helping out in the community by volunteering and giving back anyway we can.

Hours Of Operation

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8am-8pm closed